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Hola People!

A few translations for our gente.

Here it is:

“Vivaporrú” = Vicks Vapor Rub

“Ironbér” = Iron Beer

“Hambégue” = Hamburger

“Guáquer” =  Oatmeal (from the term “Quaker” in Quaker Oats)

“Hod dó” = Hot Dog

“Bish” = Beach

“El Daung taung” = Downtown

“Trópico Parr” = Tropical Park (in Miami)

“Pik sa” = Pizza

“La licensia” = Department of Motor Vehicles

“La Agencia” = Car Dealership

“Coh co” = Costco

“Esprai” = Sprite

“Catch” = Cash

“Ají Verde” = Happy Birthday

“El Teng Seng” = Discount Store

“Tremendo Tanganazo” = You bumped yourself with something (the drama is bigger than the pain)

“Paragüero” = Bad Driver

“Echar Un Pie” = “Put a Foot”, or Dance

“Pasando el Niágra en bicicleta” = “Going through Niagara Falls on a bicycle” (Going through an impossible, or a difficult situation)

“Comiendo Un Cable” = “Eating a cable”, or tough out of luck



I know some of you can relate…

Cuban 101

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